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About Doc’Riders 2023

The fifth edition of Doctors of the World’s Doc’Riders event will take place on 16–17 September 2023, starting and finishing in the beautiful town of Marche-en-Famenne in Wallonia. In order to register for the event, each team needs to pay the registration fees of €80/person. Details are laid out in the table below:

50% rebateFebruary 28€40/person
25% rebateApril 30€60/person
Regular feesSeptember 10€80/person


The registration of your team is done directly online, via the Internet, by clicking on the button below. The payment should be made by the ‘team leader’, in a single payment for the whole team, by credit or debit card. Once the online payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email to finalise your registration by creating your ‘team page’.

You have the choice between an 200 and a 100 km distance. In both cases, registration fees and minimum fundraising goal stay the same. As indicated in the Official Rules of Doc’Riders, your team will have to raise a minimum of €1,500 before the event to be able to take the start.

Remember, the registration fees and the compulsory collection of €1,500 per team are two different things. Registration fees are used to finance the operational part of the event – with the support of our partners – while fundraising is used to finance Doctors of the World’s missions in Belgium and around the world.


The registration of your team of supporters will take place at a later stage, once the registration of your team is completed. So you can register your team even if you haven’t gathered your supporters yet.